Staying rooted within traditional song forms and honoring those while also bringing in experimental elements from electronic production, Shumaila approached the challenge to recording a live-set from home during a period of intense lockdown procedure by interweaving Sufi singing with traditional narratives of epic story-telling in a compelling way.” - Rebecca Bruton

The Drop & the Turning , CJSW

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Singer-Style Poet recognized for Enriching Edmonton

From the shrines of rural Pakistan to the theatres of urban Edmonton, Shumaila Hemani’s performance of traditional Sufi Islamic poetry has mesmerized many.“I think this style of singing is really very powerful and brings forward a person’s true self and connects with other people’s deepest selves. I have no other way of explaining what I encounter through my musical performances,” Hemani said.” - Samantha McKay

Edmonton Journal, 2016


Shumaila Hemani

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Anticipating is a song that catches you when you feel that you are in a rut and looking for a way to move past the challenges you confront. Applauded for its emotional viscerality and contemplation, this song can move you to tears or propel you out of a deep crisis.

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Anticipating has visceral emotionality and a deep musicality expertly ushering listeners into a place of contemplation and consideration. The use of both English and Urdu gives this song a specific gravity - forcing listeners of either nativity to hear the story told beyond their bubble. ” - John Wright

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