• Pakistan's FIRST Acousmatic Composer
  • Pioneering Ethnomusicologist studying Cultural Policy of Pakistan towards Performing Arts (1950s-Present)
  • Pioneering Ethnomusicologist bringing the Sufi sounds of the Shah jo Rag--Shah Latif's poetry from the perspective of the subaltern Sufi singers-the Raagi Faqirs and the Gwalior Gharana in Sindh, Pakistan 
Hemani’s piece struck a nerve in me for its paradoxical robustness, its vocal virtuosity, the harmonic texture contained in her solo line, and the sense of working out an inner grief by building emotional power and inexorable drive right up to the final note. It ended the first half with a bang and hardly a whimper. ” - Stephan Bonfield

— The Calgary Herald

With monsoon came flashing clouds, Once again to rain all over, Lightening flashed on Constantinople, and went towards west, It glittered over China, and took care of Samarkand, Then crossing Delhi and Deccan, it thundered in Girnar, Rambling to Rome, Kabul and Kandahar, It crossed Delhi, Decan and Girnar, Rushing to Jaisalmer and then to Bikanere and Bakar, It drenched Bhuj and then Drut and came to Umerkot and then in Walhar. O my lord, bestow prosperity on Sindh forever, O my sweet friend, shower blessings on all the world ” - Muslim Sufi Mystic Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai's Prayer for a better World
Sonically it is a very rich piece and allows the listener to be immersed in the different musics, chanting and drones in a beautiful way. ” - Hildegard Westerkamp

— Canadian Soundscape Composer

Sarang: Perils of Heavy Rainfall

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Anticipating has visceral emotionality and a deep musicality expertly ushering listeners into a place of contemplation and consideration. The use of both English and Urdu gives this song a specific gravity - forcing listeners of either nativity to hear the story told beyond their bubble. ” - John Wright

— Radio Airplay


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