Masterclass # 1: Release your Circle of Chaos with Sufi Singing

With this masterclass, you will be able to: 

  • Discuss the significance of the Persian Sufi poet: Jalaluddin Rumi  
  • Understand the life and teachings of Rumi  
  • Discuss the context of Rumi’s poetic inspiration, particularly poems about his teacher and friend, Shams Tabriz  
  • Interpret the significance of whirling for Rumi 
  • Enunciate and recite Rumi’s poem Na Man Behooda Girdey which discusses the deeper meaning of whirling 
  • Apply the analogy of whirling in your everyday life that would help you in disentangling from the circle of chaos and enter the circle of your inner calling.



Guided Journaling

Release your Circle of Chaos

This journal accompanies the guided meditation: Cultivating your Inner Land. It is part of the Masterclass series: Sufi Singing for Self-Empowerment and Hope and part of the first Masterclass in the series titled: Release you Inner Chaos.  Available for purchase separately, this journal will help in identifying unhealthy patterns that and provide a path for release.

Sufi Singing for Self-Empowerment & Hope

Let's build a hopeful 2021 with Sufi sounds and wisdom!





The Next Quest Starting: 

January 15th, 2021

Masterclass Series: Sufi Singing for Self Empowerment & Hope


About the Instructor

Course Description

Sufi mystics' wisdom aims to unshackle the mind from the barriers that reinforce inequities based on race, gender, class, religion, ethnicity, and empowers people to live their Divine calling in this world.  As a result of their power over people, Sufi poets have been resented by Muslim orthodoxy on the one hand, and their poetry and sounds in recent times have been exploited by elite structures, including corporate, intellectual, and spiritual to serve elite agendas and wars. Yet, these poems' beauty lies in its simplicity that connects a person with their place of inner truth and empowers them to fight the barriers and inequities they confront to realize their inner calling.  Every person has a higher purpose in this world, and Sufi singing would bring you closer to your calling in ways that will enable you to shine your inner light even more brightly. This 12-week transformational journey called Sufi Singing for Self-Empowerment will empower you to challenge your life's status quo and contribute towards creating a just society.  

In this course, we will learn about Sufi poetry and sing Sufi verses from South Asia using an understanding of raag and taal. Pre-requisites in music are not required for this course. We will create an inter-cultural and inter-faith space to initiate a discussion about how the wisdom of Sufi poets can keep us more grounded in these trying times.  The classes will explore common themes and tropes in South Asian Sufi poetry based on the instructor's ethnographic research at the shrine of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai and learning from two master musicians in Pakistan. 

Student Testimonials Sharing their Transformation

Semester at Sea, Spring 2020 Voyage

Semester at Sea, Spring 2020 Voyage


Hemani's music has visceral emotionality and a deep musicality expertly ushering listeners into a place of contemplation and consideration. The use of both English and Urdu gives this song a specific gravity - forcing listeners of either. nativity to hear the story told beyond their bubble. ” - John Wright

— Radio Airplay

Hemani’s piece struck a nerve in me for its paradoxical robustness, its vocal virtuosity, the harmonic texture contained in her solo line, and the sense of working out an inner grief by building emotional power and inexorable drive right up to the final note. It ended the first half with a bang and hardly a whimper. ” - Stephan Bonfield

— The Calgary Herald

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