262nd Anniversary of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai

Media coverage for the Conference Paper titled "Vocal Timbres in Sound of the Shah jo Raag"

It appears that young Shumaila Hemani, a scholar from Canada who presented her research paper on musical narratives of Shah Latif, was the star of the day. ("Finer points of Bhitai`s poetry explored, January 10, 2012). 

"A young research scholar Shumaila Hemani from Canada presented her research paper on vocal timbres and musical narratives of Bhitai’s raag which was entirely a new subject for many." ("Culture: At Bhitai's Urs," January 29, 2012) 

Academic Citations

Articles by Nadeem Paracha

"In her paper, ‘Representing Pakistan Through Folk Music & Dance’, Shumaila Hemani, a PhD Candidate in Ethnomusicology at the University of Alberta, Canada, informs us that Ayub explained Pakistan as a mixture of modernism and tradition. This maxim was largely adopted by the Z.A. Bhutto regime (1971-77) as well." ("Branding Pakistan." April 29, 2018)

"In a paper on Pakistan’s folk culture for the University of Alberta, Shumaila Hemani writes that in 1972 the former chief ideologue of Bhutto’s PPP, J.A. Rahim, invited a host of intellectuals to a conference to help shape Pakistani nationalism, especially in the light of the 1971 East Pakistan debacle and the arrival of parliamentary democracy in the country." ("Reshaping Narratives," April 2nd, 2017)