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Resiliency is an extremely important skill in the workplace and in our personal lives today, but how do we release our blockages and stretch our resiliency muscles? In this class, we will adopt an approach that considers guided journaling as a personal therapy that breaks your blocks in writing and enable a greater sense of creative flow in your everyday communication. All you have to do is set aside a time to attend these classes and you will enter a room of like-minded individuals who are prompted into guided meditation and using mindfulness-- non-judgmental awareness to break your inner blocks and enter a creative phase of personal discovery, recovery, and creative vision that will help in processing painful events in the past and breakthrough into creating a resilient present and future. For 8 weeks, you will attend a live zoom meeting of 1.5 hours each in which we will read together excerpts from important works of literature and follow writing prompts that activate your creative muscles and get you in the flow. If you questions, please email:

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