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Listen to Sufi Repertoire from Sindh on Calgary's CJSW

This live performance brings forward Sufi repertoire from my upcoming album: Mannat (a prayer, a wish) on Calgary's Radio: CJSW.

It includes the sung Sufi poetry by Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai from Sindh as well as poems by Rumi,  my original music, and composition: Perils of Heavy Rainfall that recently received Second Prize in the Listening During COVID  contest by the Canadian Association of Sound Ecology. 


Staying rooted within traditional song forms and honoring those while also bringing in experimental elements from electronic production, Shumaila approached the challenge to recording a live-set from home during a period of intense lockdown procedure by interweaving Sufi singing with traditional narratives of epic story-telling in a compelling way.” - Rebecca Bruton

The Drop & the Turning , CJSW

Anticipating has a visceral emotionality and a deep musicality expertly ushering listeners into a place of contemplation and consideration. The use of both English and Urdu gives this song a specific gravity - forcing listeners of either. nativity to hear the story told beyond their bubble.” -” - John Wright

— Radio Airplay


Shumaila Hemani

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Anticipating is a track that is very relevant to what we are experiencing during COVID-19: being STUCK and anticipating things to clear away so that we can return to normal. Of course, as we all understand, we would come on the other side with a “new normal” and that would mean dealing with this state of being stuck in ways that keep us moving, even if we are moving on forked paths. This song not only captures that feeling but also shows you a way to keep your connections alive during this quarantined phase.

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Alastu Bi-Rabbikum/Living With Purpose

Shumaila Hemani

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Living with Purpose is a multi-lingual track in Quranic Arabic and English and brings the image of the primordial covenant mentioned in Sura Al-Arif of Quran. It inspires us to live purposefully and contribute to humanity meaningfully.

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Artist Entrepreneurship Program, Canada's Music Incubator

Margaret Graham Theatre (Left) & Rolston Hall (Right)

Hemani’s piece struck a nerve in me for its paradoxical robustness, its vocal virtuosity, the harmonic texture contained in her solo line, and the sense of working out an inner grief by building emotional power and inexorable drive right up to the final note. It ended the first half with a bang and hardly a whimper. ” - Stephan Bonfield

— The Calgary Herald


From the shrines of rural Pakistan to the theatres of urban Edmonton, Shumaila Hemani’s performance of traditional Sufi Islamic poetry has mesmerized many.“I think this style of singing is really very powerful and brings forward a person’s true self and connects with other people’s deepest selves. I have no other way of explaining what I encounter through my musical performances,” Hemani said.” - Samantha McKay

Edmonton Journal

Singer-Style Poet Recognized for Enriching Edmonton

Pakistan-American Cultural Centre, KARACHI (2015)